Research experts have the latest – at a cost

If you’re thinking about interactive TV gambling, and have US$4 000 handy to pay for it then a new report by the internationally respected research company Datamonitor could be for you.

Focusing on the European market the report claims to supply business-critical information for what is rapidly becoming the most profitable source of revenue for iTV.

The report outlines how the iTV market for games and gambling is likely to develop over the next five years, together with an analysis of the major market trends, identification of the key developments in the new industry and recommendations for the best business models to adopt.

Based on present trends the report predicts that gambling will dominate the interactiveTV market, generating some three times more revenue than games by the end of 2007 the year 2007. Interactive lotteries are punted as the most significant source of this revenue with roughly three-quarters of iTV gambling anticipated to be lottery based.

Britain and France will be the most active iTV Slot Gacor gambling consumers. Datamonitor predicts that by year 2007 these two countries will dominate at least half the European market.

Miami the venue

Strategic Research Institute will present the 3rd Annual World Interactive Gaming Summit, between March 24-25 in Miami, Florida this year.

Topics to be covered include:

Convergence: The traditional gaming industry and interactive gaming industry are becoming one – Who are the winners and losers?

The North American Payment Processing Crisis: US legislators and regulators have targeted credit cards and other payment mechanisms to shut down interactive gaming. Is it working? What can operators do?

The Improving International Market: The liberalization of European gaming laws and the growing influence of smaller regulatory urisdictions – An international panel debates.

Avoid Legal Minefields: An explanation of the different risks — and how to avoid them-in hosting, telecommunications, software development, payment processing, banking, advertising, accounting, and more.

Best Practices: From advanced marketing techniques to superior customer service — Who’s doing it right?

Personalities present are (Chairman) Tony Fontaine and industry leaders from around the world, including Sebastian Sinclair, President, Christensen Capital Advisers; Federico Schiavio, IT Director of Binion’s Horseshoe; Joseph Kelly, professor of business law, SUNY College at Buffalo; Mickey Charles, President and CEO of the Sports Network; Marc Lesnick, President, Start Casino; Michael Tew, Vice President of Bear Stearns; and many more.

Amsterdam for affiliates interested in European marketing

Here’s a little advance notice that the next Casino Affiliates Convention organised by Marc Lesnick will take place in historic Amsterdam at the Mercure Hotel de Amstel between April 3-4, 2003.

Lesnick assures us that this event will focus only on European marketing for the online gaming industry, and he expects a good turnout of online casino and sportsbook operators, gaming portal webmasters and affiliate managers. Increasing traffic and conversion rates are the focus, and well versed professionals who are experts in European marketing are being recruited as speakers.

The keynote speaker is Ewout Keeulers (ULYS Law firm), who will discuss advertising gambling laws for each E.U. nation, both online and offline. The full details are here

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21 February 2003

GPWA declares war on scumware

The Gambling Portal Webmaster’s Association issued an extraordinary call for a boycott of certain named (mainly Microgaming) casinos this week, urging action from today.

The casinos are accused by the GPWA of engaging in “predatory marketing” around the Internet, and the boycott is aimed at discouraging the casinos from allowing their marketing agencies to use scumware that among other things takes business away from webmasters.

It was not clear when we went to press whether the accused casinos had been approached for discussions before the rather drastic action of a boycott was announced. Several observers have pointed out that casinos frequently use marketing agencies and may not be aware that “predatory marketing” is taking place in their name.


Dustin Herrera

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