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Downtown Bingo is a new online bingo site for Americans and our cousins to the north.When I say “new” I mean new, as in they just opened two days ago on May 23rd. is not just another Internet bingo room or bingo hall or bingo site, whatever you call it. This review is more detailed thos this news post. They are different from existing bingo sites in several ways but the most notable has to be their bonuses and free money offers. I’m not going to tell you about some big bingo bonus. All sites have those. Before I begin I should mention that DowntownBingo is also a medium sized casino so casino players could essentially claim this cashout-able bonus and just use it on casino action.


Actually, Downtown Bingo is special because of something they don’t have. They don’t have something that every other bingo site, poker room,  Judi Online , sportsbook and casino has and it has terrorized gamblers for a long time. We have all read the fine print of the Terms & Conditions for deposit bonuses. Gambling sites make it moderately hard to extremely hard to withdraw any bonus money. Most sites setup clearance or play-through or rollover requirements that enable them to collect 50-150% of the bonus money back in rake (for poker) or game fees or the house edge or the vig or whatever. Downtown Bingo has setup a 500% bonus with NO WITHDRAWAL REQUIREMENTS. Don’t believe me? Here is a screenshot from


Downtown Bingo gives you the 500% bonus instantly. They also have a no-deposit bonus for new users that use our links to visit and sign up. Here is how the withdrawable bonus at Down Town Bingo works:


Step 1 – Visit using this link and claim the free $5 no-deposit bonus. Play and check things out.

Step 2 – Make a deposit of $25 or more and claim a 500% bonus. There are NO WAGERING REQUIREMENTS for this bonus.

Step 3 – You get the bonus money plus your deposit instantly. Let’s say that you deposited $100. You now have $600 in your Downtown Bingo account.

Step 4 – Play, play wild. Play highstakes bingo. Buy a billion cards and go after a coverall jackpot or something. After an hour (or a week, whatever) you now have $5,000 in your account.

Step 5 – Request a cashout for $4,500. You just need to keep the amount of the bonus in your account.

Step 6 – in 5-10 days you will receive the check or the receiver info for a Western Union money transfer (cash in hand!).

Step 7 – Buy me a beer and a few cute hookers or a few beers and one ugly hooker for telling you about this deal.

Downtown Bingo has jackpots ranging from $5,000 to $10,000. There are many different promotions and contests. You can play in real money bingo freerolls 24/7. Americans will not have any trouble depositing with Visa or Mastercard at this bingo site.




Dustin Herrera

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