Getting Ink… A Press Release

I love getting press. Affiliated Websites Submit Scripts to Project is a press release with the tagline… “Two Web Creators submit screenplays to Project Greenlight.”

Here’s a bit:

(PRWEB) February 28, 2004 — In a completely precedented move, and Alex Bernstein, creators of two affiliated websites have submitted separate screenplays to the newest Project Greenlight screenplay competition, the contest hosted by Hollywood superstars Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

Mr. McGrupp creator of the popular web blog, TAO OF PAULY (, has submitted “Sweet Nothing” a screenplay based on his online “Baby and Winky” stories. Mr. Bernstein has submitted “Prom On Mars,” a script based on his web-comic PROM ON MARS (

And how are the websites affiliated?

“We’ve got links at each other’s websites,” says Bernstein.

“Yeah. We don’t know Ben or Matt or anything,” says McGrupp. “But damn, it’d be cool to win PGL!”

Mr. Bernstein concurs.

In addition to the “Baby and Winky” stories, Mr. McGrupp’s site plays host to a large community of interactive readers and authors. The site includes Mr. McGrupp’s travelogues, Phish journalism and information on McGrupp’s recent poker games.

Mr. Bernstein’s site is driven purely by the “Prom on Mars” web-comic. There are numerous Prom features at the site, including Mr. Bernstein’s own Prom Blog, FAQs and an archive featuring over 100 strips.

And, of course, a link to Mr. McGrupp’s site.

Much thanks to Alex over at Prom on Mars for the shout-out. Best of luck this year.

Party Poker Musings

I got to play with Jerry yesterday for a little over an hour. We were on the same table ($.50-$1)and he kicked ass. He won $35 plus in an hour playing the lowest limit! I won $20+ at the same table. It was good to us. When we moved tables, I got housed by some nimrod who called a pre-flop raise with 4-7 against my J-J! Oh well.

I played in two online tournaments this week at Party Poker (NL $5 + $1). On Monday, I placed 210 out of 944. First place paid $911. My A-10 suited lost to A-A and I got knocked out. This morning, I was shortstacked with A-A and I went all-in. The chipleader had Q-Q and called me. I lost when he flopped a Queen and I came in 393rd place out of 971. That was the biggest tournament I played in to date. First place paid $1019 and the Top 100 places were paid prize money.

Old friends Schanzer and Brad downloaded Party Poker software in the past week. My vision of putting together a famous Phis weekly poker game is almost a reality. I first played poker seriously in my fraternity house (Phi Delta Theta) in Atlanta. I’m getting my other pals, Bob and Senor to get with the program so I can request a private table on Party Poker and I can have a weekly game with my old fraternity brothers, who are separated by distance and each live in different cities (Providence, NYC, Chicago, DC, Miami, & Atlanta). The wonders of the interent can bring us together once a week or twice a month, just like old times. Once word gets out that we’re having a regular game… more alumni will hop aboard and I can get a bi-weekly game going.

Dustin Herrera

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