Ligaz11 Review of Casino Tournament Strategy

Wow. I had no idea there was this much to know about casino tournaments, but everything Wong says in Casino Tournament Strategy makes so much sense, and is so well explained, that I can’t help but be stunned by how much I didn’t know. I’ve read a lot of great gambling books, but the gap between what I knew before and after reading this book was larger than with any other book in this field. This is as definitive a work as exists in the gambling literature.


The book starts with an introduction to casino tournaments, terminology, and the notation that will be used in the book. In addition, Wong gives a few gems as a glimpse of what the book holds. If one is about to enter a casino tournament for the first time, just reading the introduction would be invaluable.


The book is separated into four sections, Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat, and Keno tournament strategy. The first, Blackjack, is the longest and most complicated, and even if one plans to participate in non-Blackjack tournaments, this section is required reading. Wong covers every situation which can arise in a tournament, even some that one should never get in just for completeness. When I purchased the book, I had no idea there could possibly be this number of situations.


The second section is on craps tournaments. While there aren’t as many distinct circumstances that one might encounter, craps ligaz11 tournaments are fraught with their own problems. Wong gives advice from experience which can only come from experience. He emphasizes important situations, the things that can be controlled. His advice is sound and accurate.


The third and fourth sections are on Baccarat and Keno tournaments, respectively. There are even less variations that one can encounter here, but even so some gems emerge that at least I wouldn’t have thought of. Every section is consistent and incredibly thorough.


I can’t imagine someone else even trying to write about casino tournaments while this book is in print. What is there left to be said? I’d also find it impossible to believe that even the most veteran casino tournament player wouldn’t find a considerable amount of new and valuable knowledge here. I’d also recommend that after reading this book through once and playing in several tournaments, one should periodically reread it as pearls of wisdom which may not have been apparent on first glance will likely emerge in the light of added experience. This is a great book.



As I read this book I was astounded by how much there was to know on the topic of casino tournament strategy. The book is thorough, well written, and obviously contains the wisdom of a real expert in this field. Even if one doesn’t plan to play in casino tournaments, this book can be of value, and if one does enter casino tournaments, this book is simply invaluable. Simply awesome.



Dustin Herrera

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