Oscar Night Party Package Up for Grabs

Online site Hollywood Poker is inviting one lucky player to spend Oscar night in Beverly Hills. The winner of the “Spend Oscar Night with the Stars” tournament on February 3 will receive a prize package valued at $12,000. The tournament is a freeroll event for qualifying Hollywood Poker players.

The prize package includes tickets for 2 to the exclusive Oscar party at the Beverly Hills Hotel, airfare for two, hotel accommodations for two nights, limousine service to the party and spending cash. The “Night of 100 Stars” Oscar gala is a formal sit-down dinner viewing party featuring past Oscar winners and nominees, according to the Hollywood Poker web site.

To qualify for the event, players must accumulate 150 poker points by midnight on January 31. Players receive 1 point for every real money hand of $1.00 or more raked, and receive a half-point for hands raked that are less than $1.00. Five points are awarded for every dollar paid in real money tournament entry fees.

In addition to the trip package, Hollywood Poker is adding $5,000 the prize pool and an unspecified bonus prize as a bounty for knocking a celebrity out of the tournament. Film actor James Woods and World keluaran hk Tour commentator Vince Van Patten are affiliated with Hollywood Poker.

Michael Madsen has the look and feel of a high stakes player, but the rest of the cast are virtual unknowns. In the preview of the show, there seems to be a little too much banter during the play of hands and the animosity between the combatants seems to be a little over the top. There will be additional cameos by true professional players (such as T. J. Cloutier and Daniel Negreanu), which will lend an air of authenticity to the series.

While you figure that there will be some artistic license taken, you can only hope that it won’t be to the extent that ESPN went with “Playmakers.” The game of poker is a truly dramatic event worthy of Greek theater and the background to the complex personalities of the players should make for enough drama alone. While I will take the deal for the opening of “TILT,” it remains to be seen if I’ll stay to the river.

Dustin Herrera

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