Party Gaming and ITV Deal includes QQWIN99


As reported by Reuters, publicly listed online gambling group Party Gaming has scored a major coup with a white label deal* to provide television broadcaster ITV with branded betting, casino and bingo games on its websites.

A Party Gaming spokesman said the games were already up on ITV’s website, confirming a report in industry magazine eGaming Review.

Party Gaming hinted at a major white label* deal with “a leading household brand” in its results statement last week. eGaming Review reports that the white-label* products, which at present include Emmerdale Bingo and ITV-branded casino and betting products, have appeared on the site within the last 48 hours.

The ITV-owned Friends Reunited has also gone live with a QQWIN99 product.

The appearance is believed to be the soft launch prior to the release of a more extensive number of products. ITV broadcasts some of the most popular programming on UK television, including Corontion Street and X-Factor as well as Emmerdale.

A spokesperson for Party said:

“This is a development of the existing affiliate relationship we had with ITV. We are not going to disclose what our future plans will yield.”

Stop Hyping Poker

Poker is a genuine phenomenon, which means that public relations people and casino promotions staff should not be saying things about poker events that are blatantly false. Take this bit from the World Series of Poker Europe.

The inaugural World Series of Poker Europe 2007 is breaking records even before the Main Event has begun. The organizers have confirmed that they will pay out the largest prize pools in European poker history for the opening two events of H.O.R.S.E. and Pot-Limit Omaha versions of poker.

So let’s see about that. With 157 players paying 5,000 pounds for entry into the WSOP Pot Limit Omaha Evnt [105 played in the 5K HORSE) that would mean a total prizepool of 785,000 pounds.

Let’s convert that to Euros at todays exchange rate of 1.48 and we get a total prize pool of 1.4 million Euros.

Last week at the European Poker Tour event in Barcelona, 543 players put up 8,000 Euros forming a total prize pool of 4.1 million Euros. So let me see 4.1 Million versus 1.4 Million….

Now how exactly does the WSOPE media machine figure they have:

“the largest prize pools in European poker history.”

The Poker Den is Coming Back

The Poker Den is back for a second season. Perhaps the most entertaining live cash poker game on television will try it again next week.

PartyPoker announced that ‘PartyPoker Poker Den: The Big Game II’ is set to take place on Friday 14th September and will be broadcast on television around the world next year. The format is simple; it is a 24 hour continuous cash game where each player will buy-in for a minimum of $10,000.

The first Poker Den was UK television last year was dominated by a performance by Phil Hellmuth which was described by commentator Padraig Parkinson as “half murder, half suicide.” Phil is expected to return and join a line-up that includes Dave “The Devilfish” Ulliott, Tony G, Roland De Wolfe, Brian Townsend, Liz Lieu, Ian Frazer, Dan Carter, Roy Brindley, Nikolaus Jedlicka, Ian Woodley, Anthony Hardy, Neil Channing, Dave Gregory and Phil Curtis. Names are still being added to the line-up.

Dustin Herrera

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