What are the Chances of THAT Poker Hand cbetcasino.fr ? 



And then there was Muffy. Muffy is usually miffed because a) she plays online poker, and b) utilizes that arcane science of mathematics . . . specifically, the branch of probabilities for hand odds.


Quite rightly, Muffy is ecstatic when her pair of sevens (spades and diamonds) turns into a sevens four-of-a-kind on a 9h, Kh, 7h, 7c flop and turn, and Unfathomably Lucky Larry goes all in on the 9 river. He must have a 9s full over 7s boat, the poor sap. Muffy hurls her equally-considerable stack into the pot. Larry beats her with a four-of-a-kind, nines, and Muffy bites her keyboard in half, in exasperation.


The likelihood of getting four of a kind itself is slim, but it happens with sufficient regularity in real-world poker play to be relatively unremarkable – against 9 other players, the possibility that there is yet another hand of quads does exist. It honestly can happen every now and then. The possibility of it happening when there are only two people at a table, on the other hand . . . well, you’re more likely to be hit by a Singer sewing machine while peeling a purple banana.…