If someone calls your bet, don’t be scared and check chericasino.net



I see a lot of poker players, both inexperienced and experienced, get nervous when they fire out a bet on the flop with A high and someone calls. There are a lot of reasons that someone might call your bet, and most of them are great for you.


If you raised preflop then missed the flop and you have the first chance to act (whether you’re first position or everyone has checked to you) you can make a continuation bet. Try betting 2/3 of the pot, or somewhere in that range, as that tends to get people’s attention and force a lot of the “high cards” out after they miss the flop.


If someone calls, don’t worry about it. Bet out again on the turn if they are checking to you. So far you look strong, it’s obvious that you hit a hand. Sure, they could be slowplaying, but if they are you’re not losing too many chips (I hope) and you can probably get away from your hand on the river.


If someone moves all in the on the river and you don’t have anything, go ahead and fold. It shouldn’t be a big …